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Plan Belgrano - Investment Opportunities

The “Plan Belgrano” (Decree 12/2015) constitutes a social, productive and infrastructural plan to develop the North of the Republic Argentina (the country’s less advanced region), consisting of:

- u$s 16.000 Million investment in infrastructure in 10 years;
- $ 50.000 Million in additional funds in the first 4 years, to diminish cases of extreme poverty, habitational crisis and subsidies for regional economies.

Example Infrastructure: Highways - existing (red), planned (dark blue), security construction (light blue), new roads (green), paving (yellow).

Example Investments planned in Infrastructure:
- Routes and highways: u$s 10.500 Million
- Railways: u$s 5.550 Million
- Airports: u$s 250 Million

Plan Belgrano - More information

Further information related to specific projects and investment opportunities to be added